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tv   President Trump Meets with Japanese Prime Minister Abe  CSPAN  April 27, 2019 2:41am-3:05am EDT

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his a ministration to boycott the dinner. watch live coverage of the president's at a to collect p.m. eastern on c-span. following the rally, watch the white house correspondents dinner with featured speaker, author and historian ron churn ow. -- chern >> the japanese prime minister is in washington to discuss security and economic issues. at the whitel house, the pie minister and the president spoke to reporters. this is about 25 minutes.
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>> it could have been a lot higher. it is a surprise. a very big number. minister told me
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congratulations on your number. >>[ speaking foreign language]
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pres. trump: i just returned from indiana, the nra conference. i did not want to create this -- keep this great gentleman .aiting period >> [speaing japanese] pres. trump: tonight the prime
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minister and the great first lady of japan will be having dinner with us, celebrating our first ladies does -- birthday. i told milani a, would you like melania, would you like to have mr. and mrs. abe join us for your birthday? and she said she could not think of anyone she would rather have. pres.eaking japanese] trump: we will be having dinner tonight at the white house. we will be having our representatives with us. i think a lot will be
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accomplished. we are talking about a lot on trade. it is gotten very complex with what has happened to brexit and various other trade deals. we are doing good on our negotiations with china. some of our people are leaving for china on monday. we are getting there. i don't like to talk about things and i want talk about things because who knows what happens? a lot of strange things could happen for better or worse. we have a very big trade negotiation going on with japan right now. >> [speaking japanese] pres.
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trump: the other thing we will be discussing is trade. japan is purchasing a tremendous amount of equipment from the united states. we make the greatest jet fighters and rockets.
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world by far.e we will be discussing that. we will be discussing very strongly agriculture because, as the prime minister knows, japan puts very massive tariffs on our agriculture, and we want to get rid of those tariffs. world by we don't tariff their cars. i think that is something we will work out. this should have been done by previous administrations, many previous administrations. it has been a long time, but i am sure we will be able to work it out. we have a chance to make a long-term trade deal with japan. translator: [speaking japanese]
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pres. trump: tomorrow we will be early leaving for a quick round of golf at a beautiful place on the potomac river. i won't name teh place but it is beautiful. we will play a quick round of golf, and then i am going to wisconsin tomorrow. we have a tremendous crowd tomorrow night for a speech and rally or whatever you want to call it. very big, a lot of people. we had 69,000 people sign up and i believe the arena holds about 10,000. it is always that way.
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there is a lot of great spirit in our country. our country is doing very well economically. the military is being built from within, all jobs within the united states. our country is very proud right now of what is happening. translator: [speaking japanese]
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pres. trump: thank you very much for being here, and you have a lot of fun. p.m. abe: [speaking japanese] translator: i would like to express my deep appreciation. for the great hospitality you have extended to me again here at the white house. also, we are going to celebrate the first lady's birthday today. i do look forward to celebrating this special day with you. pres. trump: thank you. p.m. abe: [speaking japanese]
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translator: on the first of may, his imperial highness the crown prince succeeds to the imperial throne and the crown will enter a new era under the new emperor. p.m. abe: [speaking japanese] translator: under the new era, president trump and the first lady will be the very first guests we will invite. it is a pleasure and honor for us to welcome you and madam first lady. also, this statement will show inside and outside.
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the bond between japan and tehe united states. our alliance will remain on wavered and we will demonstrate our strong commitment to addressing various challenges we see in the international community. p.m. abe: [speaking japanese] translator: we would like to congratulate you on your great performance, namely the 3.2% gdp growth in the first quarter of the year. as well as the excellent condition of jobs in the united states. p.m. abe: [speaking japanese]
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translator: since president trump took office, japanese business communities have announced a total of $23 billion investments to the united states, which will create 43,000 jobs in the united states. japan is number one in its investments to the united states as well as the number of jobs we create in the united states. p.m. abe: [speaking japanese] translator: in order for us to see further development of the economies of both japan and the
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united states, and would urge you to have a discussion with you on the trade deal we are now negotiating with each other. p.m. abe: [speaking japanese] translator: in regards to the tariffs on autos, the united states has been a 2.5% tax on japanese autos. tarrif onas put a japanese autos. in any case, we would like to proceed with further negotiations that we are now having for a mutually beneficial outcome for both our countries. p.m. abe: [speaking japanese]
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translator: and also, i am going to host the g20 summit in the month of june of this year. in order for us to bring this summit to a successful conclusion, i would like to reaffirm our cooperation as well as partnership at today's meeting. and i cannot wait to play another round of golf with you tomorrow, and i hope that tomorrow will be a sunny day. pres. trump: it will be beautiful. p.m. abe: thank you very much. pres. trump: i want to thank you. japanese car companies are coming in at a level we have not seen in many decades.
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toyota is investing $40 billion in a short period of time. they're going to pennsylvania, north carolina, south carolina, kentucky. we are really getting a lot of business from japan. i appreciate that we are trying to bring some balance to the surplus that they have with the united states for many years. but it will all work out. but they are making the biggest investments they have ever made in the united states, in particular car companies. they are coming in. a lot of that has to do with new agreements we have been making, and some of it has to do with the trade agreement. that should increase that number. i very much look forward to discussing that today. as far as your very big event, that's a very big event. and when we were in japan together, we were talking about it, and the invitation was made, and i said, i don't know if i can make it. let me ask you a question. how big is that event compared to the super bowl for the japanese? the prime minister said, it's
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about 100 times bigger. i said if that's the case, i'll be there. it has been 130 some odd years it has happened. it is a very unusual thing. we are talking about reigning through blood for over 3000 years, the longest in the world. it is a very big event. it is very exciting, actually. translator: [speaking japanese]
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>> for japan and the entire , having youple means a lot and this will be a historic event and also a tremendous event for everyone in japan. the abdication of the living emperor leading to the succession of the crown
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prince to the emperor and this will happen for the first time in approximately 200 years. ,fter such a historic situation president trump and madam first lady will be the very first state guests, and that is why i look forward to welcoming you to japan. >> that's really nice. that is an honor on behalf of our country, not just the first lady and myself, so we really do look forward to that, and i think on a little bit lighter note, we will also be going perhaps to a sumo wrestling match. i have always found that fascinating. we are having a trophy made in this country and we will give the trophy to the winner of the championship, so that will be good and i'm sure the media will like that, but i think something
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i will enjoy very much, so we may well be doing that. we will see what the time is. again, mr. prime minister, you're my friend and i very much appreciate the visit and i think we will accomplish a lot. we will also be talking about, by the way, north korea when we are working together very closely, and i think it is going pretty well. thank you. i think it can go quickly. i think it can go fairly quickly. maybe by the time i'm over there, maybe we sign it over there, but it's moving along very nicely and we will see what happens. >> is there a situation you can see where [inaudible] charged with perjury? that want to talk about right now. we have other things we're talking about, but i will respond to that question at a later date. thank you. >> [inaudible] there was an attempted coup to topple your presidency.
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mean by that? >> if you look at what is been happening and all the things you been seeing with the insurance agentsstatement from two that are now gone, if you look at many of the elements of intrigue and, frankly, we will be seeing a lot over the next couple of weeks things that a lot of people have not seen. what took place here was a very, very terrible situation. how this whole ridiculous $35 million unlimited personnel -- how this all started i think you will find it of great interest. most of you know the answer to it anyway. the fair press, the good press, really, the people that know what they are doing or the ,eople that are indeed fair they know the answer to it, so we are going to see. it's going to be very interesting. but what took place over the last p1 of almost hit of years and, really, before that -- it was really much before that, in
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all fairness to robert mueller. things happened long before he even started, and what took place is a disgrace to our country and it hurt our country, have beenof people let go, and i don't mean by me. they had been dismissed. they've been fired, they left in disgrace, and it really is a sad moment for the country, but i think ultimately, it will be very good. it's going to be a healing factor. thank you all very much. >> [indiscernible] >> today at 2:30 p.m. eastern, "looktv as could has live coverage from the newse


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